One free essay

On Friday evening I posted the following question on Twitter:

A number of people seem to like the idea and nobody – not even another writer – has told me they hate it (yet). So I figure let’s go ahead.

If you are a visual artist and have never had critical writing about or in response to your work then I am interested to hear from you.

If you are represented by a gallery, have already won significant prizes, or have a big solo show on the horizon, then this isn’t really for you.

Please send me an email with a sentence or two about your work, what function you might like the text to serve, or ideas/works we could focus on. Maybe our interests align very closely or maybe you’re making work that is totally different to what I am instinctively drawn towards. Both are potentially appealing.

No CVs necessary but please do include a link to your website if you have one. If you don’t have a website, then please send a few images. 3 or 4 low res JPEGs is great. Nothing over 1MB please!

We can chat about what is best for you but I’d be thinking of about 1,000 words some time in the next couple of months.

This would be a text for you, not for republication by other magazines or websites, unless we agree specifically in advance.

Deadline: 24th May 2020.

Also, the brilliant Moira Jeffrey is making a similar offer via Twitter. So fee free to get in touch with her as well / instead!